10+ Reasons Big Data is your Top Priority for 2017

It’s a technological reality reshaping our world today. Consumers are creating data footprints so big it’s hard to keep up. But – this data is your key to creating a better customer experience, making the most effective business decisions and in turn pushing your revenue sky-high.

Read what our Big Data speakers are working on for 2017. Take away tips for analyzing and understanding the information gathered from your big data that will put you ahead of the competition. See answers to:

Q1. In your opinion, for those trying to adopt Big Data practices, what are the top 2 challenges for its implementation?

“The largest challenge is culture. If a leadership team does not believe in data driven decisions, then it will be really challenging. Changing culture is not an easy task. Cultural shifts take years and patience. It is a common discussion with my peers on the techniques and tips to help create data awareness. The technology is not the issue and it is a natural at an engineering focused company. Big data analytics is the future and it is a transformation worth pursuing.”

Ted MaulucciTed Maulucci

CIO, Tridel

“The top two challenges are 1) Establishing stable development, non-prod and production environments with robust real-time and stream processing capabilities. 2) Collaborating across functions to maximize the return on a multi-tenant Big Data instance.”

John WallisJohn Wallis

Director – Customer Experience Management & Big Data Analytics, Telus

Q2. What are your top 3 benefits of tapping into the power of Big Data?

“a) Tapping into a wider range of data elements that may be more accessible, timely and relevant to the business needs.
b) Opportunity to utilize tools and methods to generate more insightful analysis.
c) As a tool for assessing population healthcare needs, use of technology in support of healthcare and utilization of healthcare services.”

Michael SpinksMichael Spinks

Chief Knowledge Officer, South East Local Health Integration Network

“One of the biggest benefits is the ability to think beyond providing services in a way that meets the needs of our organization, shifting to a mindset that puts our customers’ needs at the forefront. The Internet of Things, world wide web and social media all provide excellent sources of data, but a strategy that allows us to leverage multiple data sources to create a full picture and understanding of our customers will help ensure sustainable improvements to programs, services and strategic decision-making.

Another would be moving to the evaluation outcomes…”

Christina HoyChristina Hoy

Vice President, Corporate Business Information & Analytics Division, Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB)

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